Product Highlights

  • Flexible wings are designed with 6° angle
  • Triple facetted back cut & highly polished Japanese Needle with Ribbed Cap-Protective
  • Kink-resistant Catheter with color coded injection port
  • Clear and transparent chamber flash back


Product Features

  • Flexible wings are designed with 6° angle for better placement & insertion of catheter on patient’s body. Wings are specially treated to provide easy & secure fixation with the patient skin.
  • Kink-resistant Catheter with improved double tapered, bevelled & siliconized tip to minimize trauma during venipuncture. Catheter is thin-walled for increased flow rate with high chemical resistance to reduce chances of thrombogenecity.
  • Triple facetted back cut & highly polished Japanese Needle reduces penetration force and optimizes insertion performance. This hypodermic, sharp bevelled stainless steel (AISI 304) needle is siliconized to minimize the chance of inadvertent nerve damage.
  • Injection port is color coded with non-return silicon value provided for intermittent medication.
  • Chamber flash back is clear and transparent to help visualize blood, which ensures successful venipuncture.
  • Cap-Protective is ribbed, designed to avoid deformation, which could otherwise lead to needle damage.

IV Cannula – iLife - All Sizes

Product Details

Color Code


Gauge & Length


Flow Rate

Gross Weight


O.D.Length (mm)(ml/mm)Per Carton (Kg.)of Carton (mm)
ORANGE901.010114G x 13/4"2.10452706.500705 x 425 x 150
GREY901.010216G x 13/4"1.70451806.450705 x 425 x 150
WHITE901.010317G x 13/4"1.50451256.400705 x 425 x 150
GREEN901.010418G x 13/4"1.3045806.350705 x 425 x 150
PINK901.010520G x 11/4"1.1032546.300705 x 425 x 150
BLUE901.010622G x 1"0.9025336.250705 x 425 x 150
YELLOW901.010724G x 3/4"0.7019206.200705 x 425 x 150
VIOLET901.010826G x 5/8"0.6016196.100705 x 425 x 150

Quantity Per Box : 50 / 100

Quantity Per Carton : 1000 / 2000

Variants Available

  • OneFlon : I.V. Catheter with wings & port
  • OneCan : I.V. Catheter with wings & without port
  • OneOn : I.V. Catheter without wings & port
  • VanoCathe : I.V. Catheter with wings & port
  • SoftCathe : I.V. Catheter with suturable wings & port
  • NanoCathe : I.V. Catheter with small wings & without port

Options Available

  • Radiopaque or Transparent Catheter
  • FEP or PTFE Catheter
  • Hydrophobic or In-Built Filter
  • Grid Lacquered or Tyvek Paper
  • Hard or Soft Blister-Pack

I.V. Cannula Without Wings & Port

  • Non-ported & non-winged cannula is ideal for one way cannulation
  • A favourite for doctors and paramedics who have patients with smaller veins
  • Extra sharp needle used for trouble free & less traumatic insertion
  • The highest quality bio-compatible material for longer indwelling period gives exceptional comfort to patient
  • Available in all sizes : 14G - 26G

IV Cannula – iLife - Without Wings & Port

I.V. Cannula With Small Wings and Without Port (Neonates)

  • User friendly design for small vein cannulation
  • Excellent needle sharpness/catheter tipping for less traumatic insertion
  • Bio-compatible material for longer indwelling period
  • Small flexible wings for secure fixation
  • The purposely built design with a detachable flange has a cutting edge to reduce discomfort to infants and babies
  • Available in sizes : 24G and 26G

IV Cannula – iLife - Neonates - 26G

IV Cannula – iLife - Neonates - 24G